About Me

Taryn Profile Picture

I like to think of myself as a ‘Media Creative.’

Since graduating with a B.A.D.A (HONS) in Film and Television Production from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, I’ve spent the years undertaking an array of disciplines in the industry from shooting, editing, designing, directing, and even co-ordinating a variety of:

  • Feature Films,
  • TV Commercials,
  • Reality Shows,
  • Live Sports Broadcast,
  • Online Videos,
  • Music Videos,
  • Short Films,
  • and even corporate content for my clients.

With my undergrad tertiary education majors including directing, screenwriting and editing,

I have a good grasp on storytelling and the overall impact that any piece of media has on it’s viewers. I enter every project with passion, flair, a good sense of humor, and direction to see them through and reach deadlines.

My recent enrollment on a Postgraduate Diploma in Management with Marketing through the University of Cape Town has allowed me to expand and build on my creative expertise with a solid foundation and focus on leadership opportunities in the future.

I am an editor, director, colourist, designer and marketing understudy.

I love to travel and experience other cultures.

I am interested in the future of media development and our impact on society.

I am inspired by courageous acts and hope to inspire change for the better.

I hope my work speaks for itself, and if you’re interested in collaborating – please reach out to me.